Geocaching in Niederthai

Geocaching Treasure Hunt

Get ready for an exciting treasure hunt adventure in the Ötztal Valley! For this short treasure hunt you don‘t need a GPS unit but only this treasure hunting map which is available from all Information Offices. Don't wait any longer and explore nature by following the treasure route.

How works this outstanding treasure hunt for kids?

Following the two marked treasure hunt routes you will discover small caches (treasure boxes) hidden in the most incredible places. Each cache contains a small item for trading plus a log book and a hole punch with a certain symbol. Use it for stamping the right cache box on the treasure map. If you have already found all treasures along the route and marked them with the hole punch on your treasure map you can come to the local Tourist Information Office and pick up your personal little treasure.

Geocahing Treasure Hunt in Ötztal

Niederthai Treasure hunt

Ho to go on a Treasure Hunt?

Following the marked route you will discover small caches (treasure boxes). Each cache contains a sheet with one of the six secret letters. Write these letters into the right box of your treasure hunting map. Everyone who has found all caches and secret letters is able to compose the code word - knowing the code word, you can pick up a small present at the Information Umhausen or Niederthai. Geocachers can also log their finds on

Start: car park next to the soccer field

The route is about 3.8 km long, altitude gain 170 m, walking time 2 hours

Niederthai Treasure Hunt (GPS-Data):

Start: Parking area at the football field: N47 07.242 E10 57.875

  • Cache 1: N47 07.273 E10 57.507 GPS-Data
    Tipp: It blocks your way!
  • Cache 2: N47 07.218 E10 57.257 GPS-Data
    Tipp: 2.9
  • Cache 3: N47 07.024 E10 57.323 GPS-Data
    Tipp: Terrace made of stone invites you to stop by.
  • Cache 4: N47 06.946 E10 57.487 GPS-Data
    Tipp: The little man‘s house in the wood.
  • Cache 5: N47 06.909 E10 57.782 GPS-Data
    Tipp: Not only animals are happy about it.
  • Cache 6: N47 07.065 E10 57.958 GPS-Data
    Tipp: Half a tree on the slope.
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