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E-Ladestation Kapferer& Kapferer


Fill up at the E-charging station at any time
Cost: € 8,00 per hour
Payment: Credit Card, Delivery Agreement, PayPal
Authentication: IPhone App, Android App, NFC / RFID, Customer Card
free parking during the loading time
Connector: CCS (50 KW), CHAdeMO (50 KW), type 2 (43 KW)

detail T +43 (0) 5255 5218

Taxi Scharfetter

taxi/radio cab

Taxi Scharfetter is a small family business and offers in addition to the usual taxi services also airport transfers, moving of a sick person and in summer a special hut taxi in the middle of the Ötztal valley.
Hut taxi to...
+Fundutal - Hintere Fundusalm & Frischmann hut
+Leierstal - Erlanger hut
+Gehsteigalm - Armelen hut - Vordere Tumpener Alm
Every Wednesday (05th June 2019 till 02nd October 2019) hut taxi to the Hintere Fundusalm.
+Hut taxi advance booking: required the day before by 4:00 pm at the latest - in all Ötztal Tourismus Information Offices.

detail T +43 (0) 5255 5858

Taxi Scharfetter

taxi/radio cab


Kapferer und Kapferer

gas station , car/motor vehicle shop , car rental , breakdown/towing service , E-Tankstelle

Your car dealership, paint shop, car rental and gas station in the Ötztal.
In addition to repairs and services, a modern paint shop has been opened. There are also innovative offers in property of car rental and sale with vehicles from VW, Audi, SEAT, Skoda and Mercedes-Benz. A fast charging station for electric cars is located at the BP gas station directly underneath the dealership

detail T +43 (0) 5255 5218

Ötztal Arena Camping

campsite , Kletterset Verleih

Spacious parceled pitches with a terrace layout await you at Caming Ötztal Arena and each pitch is equipped with both elextricity hookups as well as Wi-Fi reception. The site also offers clean, modern sanitary facilities including underfloor heating, a baby bathing room and a sauna area with a solarium.
Supply and waste disposal stations are onsite for motorhomes. There is also a cosy, rustically furnished restaurant wirh fireplace - the perfect!

detail T +43 (0) 5255 5390

ENI - Gutmann Tankstelle - Tumpen

gas station

The Gutmann gas station is directly next to the B186 Ötztal national highway.
In the gas station there is also a small supermarket "Mini Mpreis" with fresh bread and cookies, coffee dispenser and so on.

detail T +43 (0) 5255 5014 8



Plug types:

- Type 2 11 kW

Opening times: 24 hours / 7 days a week

detail E-Ladestation


Fill up at the E-charging station at any time
Payment: payment in cash, Delivery Agreement
Authentication: NFC/RFID; Remote (App; QR), Direct Deposit
Connector: type 2 (11 KW)


Autozentrum Ötztal

car/motor vehicle shop , breakdown/towing service

Everything about the car you get by us at the car dealership Oetztal in Tumpen.

We offer you following services:
New and second-hand cars
Repairs from all car brands
KIA authorised workshop for service and sale
Facturing and insurance
breakdown and towing service
Automotive paint shop
Car wash service

detail T +43 (0) 5255 5028 2

BP E-Tankstelle Kapferer und Kapferer


Plug types:

- CSS 50 kW
- CHAdeMO 50 kW
- Type 2 43 kW

Opening times: 24 hours / 7 days a week

Extras: free parking lots during charging time, 3 parking lots for electric cars, electricity from renewable sources

detail T +43 (0) 5255 5218

BP Tankstelle - Umhausen

gas station , E-Tankstelle

Directly next to the B186 Ötztal national highway you find the gas station including a fast charging station for electric cars.
Perfect also for a little break is the BP shop nearby, where you can buy tobacco products, snacks, drinks and more.

detail T +43 (0) 5255 5218

Ötztaler Verkehrsgesellschaft

bus company , bus

Bus routes through the Ötztal, every day every hour.
Timetables are available in the Offices of Ötztal Tourismus or directly available on the website of Ötztaler Verkehrsgesellschaft.

detail T +43 (0) 5254 3550

Autoarena ABF Frischmann

car/motor vehicle shop , car rental , breakdown/towing service

In our car dealership ABF Frischmann you can buy new cars, demonstration car and second-hand car.
In addition we offer additional services such as tire trade, breakdown and towing service and rental car service.

detail T +43 (0) 5255 5244 0


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