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Stuibenfall Waterfall

Tirol's biggest waterfall

Scenic "Horlachbach" brook rushes down from Niederthai into the valley from a height of 159 meters. The several meter-high area filled with water crystals can be seen from far. These clouds of water dust particles also gave the name to the "Stuibenfall".

The water particles are said to have refreshing and varied other positive effects on the hikers' health. The positive effect is scientifically proven, especially close to the water dust you are on the ion platform.

Nature Spectacle

A hiking trail and stair construction allows you to experience the "Stuibenfall" at close range. Hikers and mountaineers pass the viewing platforms and the roaring waters via approx. 700 steps and an exposed 80 meter long suspension bridge leading to Niederthai - the origin of the waterfall. What's more, the wonderful Alpine flora in the falls' surroundings is a highlight not to be missed. And with a bit of luck, on sunny days you also have the chance to admire the most colorful rainbows.



The whole story starts some 9800 years ago. The mighty glacier fields of the Ice Age move back, leaving behind a rough mountain valley full of hazards: loose masses of rock, rubbles and rugged mountain flanks. Slowly the permafrost soil begins to thaw, at least two thirds of the mountain peaks are crashing down into the valley. Incredible masses of soil and rock form the "Tauferberg" area by barricading the mountain brook coming down from "Horlachtal" valley. As always, the water finds its own way and all of a sudden the "Stuibenfall" emerge - Tirol's biggest waterfall with a height of 159 meters.


Stopover at the "Stuibenfall" increases pulmonary function

Pre-hospital studies of Salzburg's Paracelsus Private University prove that sportsmen suffering from asthma can improve their pulmonary function if they spend some time in vicinity to the waterfall. One hour daily at the "Stuibenfall", during two or three weeks, helps sport induced asthma sufferers to increase their pulmonary function up to 58 percent.

Stuibenfall Waterfall Umhausen  Landscape Panorama
Stuibenfall Waterfall Umhausen Hiking Panorama

Hiking Paradise

The scenic walk to the bottom of the "Stuibenfall" takes about 0.5 – 1 hr from the car park at Bischoffsplatz. Until there it is perfectly suitable also for prams or baby buggies. Experience the full force of the rushing mountain waters while standing on the two vantage platforms located right next to the falls.

In the middle of the trail there is an exposed 80 meter long suspension bridge. Via approx. 700 steps the hikers reache the highest viewing platform.

On your way to the highest platform you cross the falls on a secured suspension bridge, offering uninterrupted panoramic views of the gorge. Admire the breathtaking "Stuibenfall" from a dizzy height high above the ground. A real highlight not to be missed!

Right from the federal road to Niederthai (6 km long, rising road) you can easily access the panoramic platform overlooking the Stuibenfall.

Climbing Arena

Also for passionate climbing fans the "Stuibenfall" makes a wonderful spot. On the left, right next to the rushing waters, sportsmen fi nd a recently installed and family-friendly via ferrata. It is perfectly secured and of intermediate diffi culty – a wonderful experience for the whole family. On a length of approximately 450 meters young climbers over 10 years can explore the "Stuibenfall" for themselves on a rope.

Real dare devils cross the falls on almost invisible steel ropes in vicinity to the natural stone bridge. Less experienced climbers should join one of the guided tours with a certified mountain guide. The appropriate climbing equipment is available for rent in Umhausen and Niederthai.

Stuibenfall Waterfall Umhausen Climbing Landscape
Stuibenfall Waterfall Umhausen Night Landscape

Floodlit "Stuibenfall" & Lantern Walking Tour

The "Stuibenfall" is floodlight every Wednesday throughout the year. From mid-June you can join guided lantern walking tours towards the floodlit waterfall.

Meeting Point
07:30 pm in front of the Information Office Umhausen or at Parking Area Sennhof Niederthai (next to the Information Office Niederthai)

Costs & Booking
Adults € 7.00
Free admission for children under 14 years

Advance booking required at the Umhausen or Niederthai Information Office until Wednesday, 5.00 pm!
T +43 (0) 57200 400 or umhausen@oetztal.com