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Ötzi Village

An adventure for the whole family!

How did people really live and work in the Ötztal valley 5,000 years ago? What did they wear to protect themselves from the cold? Which weapons did they use for their preys? If you want to experience the breath-taking Stone Age world of Ötzi, the Iceman, there is plenty to find out about life at the time of the Iceman in the Ötzi Village.

Ötzi's time

With the discovery of “Ötzi” in 1991 – the biggest archaeological attraction of the Alps – sensational details of the everyday life of our ancestors can now be learned. In the Ötzi Village you delve right into the everyday life of times long gone and learn interesting things about living and house-keeping in the Stone Age, prehistoric buildings, quaint hunting and working equipment and domestic animals in prehistoric times. There is also an interesting course programme available. How to make a fire with stones? Who’s best at archery? And how does bread taste made from ancient recipes?


Opening Times


Guided Tours:
Daily: 10.00 am, 12.00 noon, 01.00 pm and 03.30 pm
Duration: 1 hour

  • Group discounts available on request, Please book in advance!
  • Combined tickets for the Ötzi Village and the Birds of Prey Park at discounted rates -25%.
  • Reduced admission on presentation of your parking ticket from Bischoffsplatz (P) at the ticket office, free parking for buses!


Opening and guided tours in 2021 are based on the current Covid 19 regulation. Subject to change without notice!


Ötztal Inside Summer Card Holders of the Ötztal Inside Summer Card get 1 free admission per day.
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Further Information:

Ötzi Village Umhausen Ötztal
Ötzi Village Umhausen Ötztal
Ötzi Village Umhausen Ötztal