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Umhausen-Niederthai 1.036 m / 1.550 m

Sun, 11.04.2021

Morning Afternoon
6°C 19°C
30%Precipitation risk 20%Precipitation risk

Sunny and cloudy Foehny southwesterly wind

Umhausen-Niederthai 1.036 m / 1.550 m

Mon, 12.04.2021

Morning Afternoon
5°C 13°C
50%Precipitation risk 100%Precipitation risk

With a cold front abating foehn wind – it will become rainy

Umhausen-Niederthai 1.036 m / 1.550 m

Tue, 13.04.2021

Morning Afternoon
-1°C 6°C
80%Precipitation risk 60%Precipitation risk

Wintry snowfall below 1000m above sea level

Umhausen-Niederthai 1.036 m / 1.550 m

Wed, 14.04.2021

Morning Afternoon
-5°C 7°C
0%Precipitation risk 0%Precipitation risk

Improved conditions Still cold

Umhausen-Niederthai 1.036 m / 1.550 m

Thu, 15.04.2021

Morning Afternoon
-6°C 10°C
0%Precipitation risk 0%Precipitation risk

Perfectly sunny Significantly warmer

4 days trend

Throughout the weekend, the Alps will be located in front of a low over West Europe in a foehny southwesterly current with which mild and rather dry air masses will reach us. Nevertheless, weak southerly barrier effects will build up at the south side of the Alps. Apart from the main Alpine divide, a friendly mix of sunny and cloudy conditions will determine the weather apart from the main Alpine divide. Starting next week, a cold front will move over our area. The south foehn will end, southerly barrier effects will spread towards the north. All in all, an onset of winter will reach again the low-lying areas. The snow line will sink significantly below 1000m above sea level until Tuesday, however, larger amounts of snow are not expected. Significantly improved conditions are expected around midweek and the temperatures will soon increase again.

Day Outlook

Improved conditions Still cold


  Morning Afternoon
Mountain Summit3.000 m -10°C -10°C
Mountain2.000 m -6°C -3°C
Valley1.036 m -5°C 7°C


Morning: Moderate

Afternoon: Moderate

Hours of Sun

max. 7 Hours

Precipitation risk

Morning: 0%

Afternoon: 0%

Zero Degree Limit

1600 m