After five years the "Larchzieh'n" takes place on 16th of February 2020 in Umhausen. The tradition is unique in Tyrol.

The unmarried Man from Umhausen prepare a few weeks before the event takes place. On Sunday afternoon the people will drag the "Larch" from the beginning of the village till the parking space "Mure". The "Sterzinger Moos", the "Plunderführe" and much more provide for your entertainment.
Admission: € 8.00 / booking of tickets at the Raiffeisenbank Vorderes Oetztal € 7.00Musical entertainment from approx. 5.00 pm with "Lätz Fetz"For food and drink provide.
Road block:
from 12.00 noon till 5.00 pm total road block through the village center (Kapferer car dealership to Mure car park / Vivea Health Hotel) the road to Niederthai is open (Kapferer car dealership - parking space auer), waiting time is to be expectedParking space:
M-Preis, Hofer, paint center Kapferer & Kapferer and at the Bischoffsplatz Umhausen
Bypass for the Vivea Health Hotel - from 5.00 p.m .:
Kapferer car dealership - fire station - turn right Mühlweg - Mösleweg - turn right Hirschberggasse - turn left at the end of Hirschberggasse and continue straight ahead to Lehgasse - Lehgasse - Vivea Health Hotel

village center Umhausen

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